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Topa Institute is a test laboratory with a modern approach to simulating distribution loads. The various tests show the possible product fragility or reveal the weaknesses of the packaging. The interpretation of the test results combined with the up-to-date knowledge of the specialists and packaging developers of Topa Institute, exclude damage to your product during transport and storage. Our specialists do not only limit themselves to the packaging. Often, a small adjustment to the product itself yields the most efficient, quickest, and cheapest solution.


The Topa Producttechnologisch Centrum was founded in Voorhout, The Netherlands, in 1983 as a specialized business segment of the Topa Groep, with the goal to develop packagings and testing their behavior in the logistics chain. This research still takes place under laboratory conditions with advanced transport simulators.

The center was later renamed Topa Instituut (which is Dutch for Institute). Topa Instituut has built a name and reputation, and among its relations are some of the most important industrial enterprises of The Netherlands. Topa Instituut also gained prominent clients within the European Union and the United States. That's why the name has been changed into Topa Institute.


Topa Institute is part of the Topa Group. The name Topa comes from the Dutch words for rope and paper; TOuw and PApier.

The Topa Groep consists of the following business units:

  • Topa Verpakking 

  • Topa Packaging in Belgium

  • Topa Institute

  • Topa Thermal 

  • Dopak

  • Thermopack

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