Our method

We include the entire logistics trajectory a product goes through when testing the product and the packaging. Together with the client, the transport road, the vulnerability of the product, and the packaging method are examined by means of a 5 step plan. Subsequently, the right test procedure is established.


To the right packaging solution in 5 steps

  1. Mapping the vulnerability of the product and the distribution environment
  2. Recording the goals and test procedure
  3. Testing product/packaging combination
  4. Analyzing and reporting the test results
  5. Recommendations for improvement

Possible follow-up: packaging development

If the transport packaging or pallet stabilization has to be improved or developed, Topa Institute collaborates with packaging developers.

In that case, the following step will be included between steps 1 and 2:


Packaging design


Making of a prototype



Open collaboration

Through open and clear communication and recording of the goals, everyone knows what may be expected from the collaboration. In our experience, this leads to the best results. Furthermore, clients are often present to see with their own eyes what happens to their product during the transport (simulation). You are very welcome to visit!

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