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Topa Institute is an acknowledged test center that tests packaged products, packaging materials, and pallet loads by simulating all transport conditions. The packaging engineers are knowledgeable conversational partners in the field of transport tests and provide independent advice. They know how to interpret the test results in a way that gives manufacturers, transporters, and pharmaceutical chemists insight into the most desired manner of packing. Topa Institute builds long-term relationships with its customers through an open attitude and clear communication.


Topa Institute aims to be the ideal test center with knowledge on transport tests for its clients. We want to remain No. 1 in the field of transport simulation. We are both advisor and source of information for our clients in this field by ensuring that we remain up-to-date of legal requirements and through training and education. If necessary, we invest in machinery, staff, and other means. Because of the flexible, service-oriented, and contributing attitude of our engineers, our customers benefit from a long-term relationship with Topa Instituut. The usefulness of testing becomes evident from a reduction of damage, materials, and handling time, among other things. In addition to saving costs, this also benefits the environment.

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